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Slow Loris is NOT a pet. They are mutilated for the sake of it. To be “made safe”, because they are not safe as acpet as is.

Some cases seen may be rescued from improper homes - but please, do not actively seek them as a pet. :(

Research a little, guys. ♡

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This is my cat Smokey. Yesterday morning my boyfriends mom found her in the trash. When I saw her I thought she was dead. Her eye had been gauged out & she was bleeding from her mouth. She lay there motionless until I called her name & pet her. We rushed over to the animal emergency & she is suffering from head trauma, lung & spinal problems & a missing eye. She was beaten to near death by my boyfriend’s mom’s step brother. He has mental issues & we’ve tried for so long to get him out our home but never were successful due to another issue. I love Smokey so much, I’ve always viewed her as my child since I got her when she was a kitten. I went through very lonely times where I had no friends & she was always there for me & spending time with me. She’s been on my mind 24/7 since this tragedy occurred. All I want in my life more than anything is for her to live & be happy. She has such a unique personality & loves everything & everyone so much. I just can’t understand why anyone could do this to someone so innocent. I live with my boyfriend working full time & we’re getting evicted from my home because of this horrible monster who did this to my cat. Charges are currently pending & I will do everything in my willpower to make sure he gets what he deserves for what he’s done. Right now I need everyone’s help & support. Please reblog this so it can get around. To make donations & read more about what happened go to this link http://www.gofundme.com/e4lqbc

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If anyone did this to my cat I’d fucking murder them

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Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody

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 Mother of Dragons

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Baby Phat